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About MSBPL Commodities

MSBPL Commodities promoted by Matalia Group, started its operations in Indian commodities market by acquiring memberships in India's premier multi-commodity exchanges of MCX (Membership No: 56335).

MSBPL Commodities offers trading opportunities in commodity markets through the chain of its branches spread across the country.

MSBPL Commodities provides expert research / analysis to its clients in various commodities, listed in NCDEX and MCX including the international perspective of the commodities traded. It provides best technical analysis from desk of its trained and qualified analysts.

The research team of MSBPL Commodities consists of professionals who are industry veterans. The team is capable of formulating trading strategies depending on risk-return profile of the client. Today we offer a gamut of financial products to satisfy an array of financial needs.

What are Future Markets?

Future markets are efficient price discovery platforms which enable producers and users of goods and services to take an informed perspective about likely future prices. They are the meeting places of buyers and sellers of an ever-expanding list of commodities that today include agricultural products, metals, and now energy products. In simple language, futures contracts are the contracts that establish a price level now for the items to be delivered later.

Notwithstanding the rapid growth and diversification of futures market, their primary purpose remains the same as it has been for nearly a century and half viz., to provide an efficient and effective mechanism for the management of price risks. By buying or selling futures contracts, individuals and businesses seek to achieve insurance against adverse price changes.

What is Margin?

Rather than providing a down payment, the margin required to buy or sell a futures contract is solely a deposit of good faith money that can be collected to cover losses that you may incur in the course of futures trading. Minimum margin requirements for a particular futures contract at a particular time are set by the exchange on which the contract is traded. Exchanges continuously monitor market conditions and risks, and as necessary, increase or decrease the margin requirements.

Why Trade in Commodity Exchanges

  • No counter party risks.
  • Higher Leverage: Get high exposures for the margin provided.
  • Prices are pegged to international markets of NYMEX, CBOT, CME, LME etc.,
  • Portfolio diversification: An investor can now diversify his portfolio by investing in commodities markets.
  • Arbitrage opportunities: Take the advantage of price spreads, calendar spreads and Inter exchange spreads.

How do I start the business?

You need to fill up our account opening (KYC) forms for the exchange you wish to trade on and attach the necessary documents viz., address proof, bank proof etc. Once you have furnished KYC along with required documents, you will be provided with a client code. If you wish to trade from comfort of your home / office, it is made feasible by our browser based trading application whereby you will be provided with Login id and password. And you can start trading anytime after that.

How Commodity Markets are analyzed?

The two primary approaches of analyzing commodities markets are fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

  • Fundamentals focus on financial and economic theories as well as political developments to determine forces of demand and supply.
  • Technical focus on the formation of charts and formula to capture major and minor trends, identify buying or selling opportunities assessing the extent of market turnarounds.

Why trade with MSBPL Commodities?

We have the following application and services to provide you best trading opportunities available in the industry.

  • Online application based trading software
  • Online web based trading platform
  • Online daily, weekly and monthly research
  • Transparent and fair trade execution
  • Individual client attention
  • 24*7 online back office
  • Training/education facilities / conduct of seminars
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Digital contract notes cum bill: View your accounts from any where, any time
  • Efficient risk management
  • Competitive brokerage rates