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Matalia Advantage

Insights :

Our superior risk-adjusted returns come through our understanding of the markets combined with discipline and an analytical approach. Markets tend to be irrational at times and are influenced by bouts of greed and fear. We identify and track trends to come up with investment ideas which have a high reward-risk ratio through a combination of technical, fundamental and news-flow analysis. We take advantage of this by using strategies without any directional bias taking advantage of momentum, growth, value, volatility, mean reversion, pair trading etc., as the case may be. We don’t get carried away by the herd mentality of market participants and consensus street opinion.

Customized Solutions :

We tailor investment ideas according to the type of client. Thus, depending on the risk-profile and time horizon of the client, we come up with a set of a few, specific trading ideas and recommendations. Thus, we give different ideas to a high frequency short-term swing trader as compared to a conservative long-term investor. We don’t bombard everybody with a generic set of numerous stock tips.

Quality of Service :

We ensure that every client is served by a dedicated Relationship Manager who understands the portfolio and needs of the client. Our services include financial planning and portfolio advisory services.

Flexible Trading Platform :

We offer a high-end, integrated, fast, efficient and reliable web and application based trading platform combined with the flexibility of phone or branch-based trading.

Transparency, Reliability and Efficiency :

We maintain total transparency with respect to the utilization and settlement of funds combined with a fast , efficient and centralized 24x7back-office system.